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If you or someone you know is pregnant and considering adoption, get commonly asked questions answered.
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IsaBel and Daniel

Hello!  We are IsáBel, Daniel, and Erin from Alameda, CA.  We are very grateful that you are considering us as an adoptive family.  Although we cannot fully understand the emo

Shannan and Roy

We’re Shannan and Roy. We’ve been married for seven years and live in Northern California. We don’t know you, and we don’t know your circumstances, or your life. We do know

Letitia and Scott

Aloha! We’re Letitia and Scott in Belmont, California. Thank you for reading our story and learning more about us. We admire your courage and strength in considering adoption for your baby. W

Duncan and Claire

Hello! We are Duncan and Claire, an English couple who have settled in San Francisco, California and have made it our home.  Firstly, we respect and admire the difficult  decisions you ar

Billy and Danika

Hello and Welcome! We’re Billy and Danika Griffin from Lake Tahoe, CA, in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. We’re a fun couple that enjoys cooking healthy food, travel, the arts an

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Birth parents share their thoughts, feelings and experiences of open adoption.
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Daniel and Mark


We are Daniel and Mark, a married couple living in Berkeley, California, with our two-year-old daughter Aviva, who came into our family through adoption. Over the past two years it h



I’m Emily, a caring and energetic woman living in Oakland, California. I’m incredibly excited to become a parent and I want to sincerely thank you for having the courage to c

Ben and Marissa

Hello! Our names are Ben and Marissa from Oakland, CA. As we make this important decision to adopt a baby into our lives, we realize you are facing a crossroad in yours. We both would like to thank

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Floyd and Mike

Hello and Bonjour !

We are Floyd and Mike, a fun and adventurous couple in our mid-thirties from the San Francisco Bay Area. We are very excited to start a family - something we’ve been

Johnny and Glenn

    Greetings from San Francisco! We are Johnny, Glenn, and Tristan. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and learn a little bit about our family.

Jen and Becky

KAMUSTA and LEI HO! (HELLO!  in Tagalog and Cantonese) from Fremont, CA 40 miles across the bay from San Francisco

You may be going through so much right now and you are in our thoughts.&n

Jeff and Sara

Dear Birthmother,

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us. Thank you also for considering adoption. We feel blessed that adoption is an option for us. We don’t know how yo

Dan and Christina

Hi!  We are Dan and Christina (Romanski) from Campbell, California.  We are in our mid-thirties and have known one another since we were little kids. We have been married for six years, a

Kathy and Steve


Thank-you for taking the time to consider us as parents for your child. We know this is a difficult decision for you and we hope our letter will find a family who sees us as a perfect ma

Jeff and Tiffani

We are Jeff and Tiffani and we are both native Californians, born and raised in San Jose. We met ten years ago through friends at a festival, and we have not been apart since. We have been married

Deidre and Bob

We want to express our deepest gratitude to you for considering adoption as a choice for your baby.  We can only imagine the journey that has led you here, and we look forward to learning more

Matthew and Devin

Thank you for taking time to learn about us.  Choosing adoption is an incredible act of love, and we’re grateful that you’re considering us. We know you face a huge decision, and w

Gina and Davinder

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little bit about us. We are honored that you might consider us to be potential adoptive parents. We are really excited to become parents and are ove

Roger and Sean

Hi!  We’re Roger and Sean.  Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.  We are a bi-racial couple (Caucasian and Native American) and have been together for over eight ye

Sara and Joe


Hi. We are Joe & Sara from Marin County, California. Thank you for taking a look at our profile. Hopefully your search for people who will be loving parents and can provide a safe, w

Hi there, and thank you for reading about my family and me. I so enjoy being a mother and I am very excited to welcome another child into our home. I would love to meet you and I hope that you will
Susan and Jim

Dear Birthmother—

Hi, we are Jim and Susan from San Francisco, California - one of the most exciting cities in the United States.  We want to say thank you for taking the time to rea

Brent and Mark


     We're Brent and Mark from San Francisco, and we're honored that you decided to learn more about us. In the ten years we’ve been together we have both th

Claudia and Ramon

We are Claudia and  Ramon and we want to thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We have been married for eight years and live in San Leandro, CA in the East Bay of Northern Californ

Jeff and Louis

Hi there! We are Louis and Jeff from Oakland, California. We feel we are at the right time in our lives to open our home and hearts to a child. We have tremendous respect for your decision to consi

James and Jillian

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents. The decision to place your baby is one of extreme courage and selflessness. We hope this letter helps you get to know us better. We

Claire and Jamie

Hello!  We are Claire and Jamie, and we want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

We live in the small San Francisco Bay Area town of Burlingame where crime is low and the s

Rey and Jovits

Hi! We are Rey and Jovits, from Danville, California, and we have been blessed.  We have so much love in our family that we wish to share it.  We wish to grow our family and raise a child

Niels and Sujin

Hi! We’re Niels and Sujin.
We started out as friends and fell in love sharing Danish sandwiches on picnics, checking out art shows and listening to Donny Hathaway in Niels’ Nob Hill a

Clif and Tracy

Hello, we are Tracy and Clif—that is not a typo—he spells it with only one “f”.  We met at a meditation retreat in 2000.  It was a great start to a new millennium.

Ryan and Lisa

Hi! Our names are Ryan and Lisa and we live in Woodland, California. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and giving us the opportunity to share a little bit about our life with you. We

Allwyn and Cecille

Dear Birthmother,

We are Allwyn and Cecille from Alameda, California.  Thank you for taking the time to read about us.  We acknowledge the courage it takes to consider an open adoptio

John and John

Hello! We’re John and John from San Jose, California
Thanks for taking the time to read about us and our dream to become Dads. We’re eager to open our life, our home, and our love to

Shannon and Laura

We feel deeply humbled by your courage to seek a loving home for your child and honored by your decision to learn more about our family.  We are a happily married couple of seventeen years and

Catalina and Ivan

Hello, we are Catalina and Ivan

We are happy that you have our letter in your hands. Hopefully, these images and words will give you a good idea of the kind of family we are and the home we hop

Joel and Sheridan

Dear Birthmother,

Thank you for reading our letter and getting to know us better! 

We are Joel and Sheridan and we have made our home in the San Francisco Bay Area where we enjoy the w

Steve and Cori

Hi, we are Cori and Steve, from Walnut Creek, California. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. We have much to share, and hope that we can give you a glimpse of what our family

Marta and Pasha

We are Marta and Pasha from Menlo Park, California (about 30 miles south of San Francisco). Thanks for reading our letter. We admire your decision to consider an open adoption. We know

Ashsha and Tina

Hello. We are Ashsha and Tina and we are so very excited to become parents. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We can’t begin to imagine what you are going through and the streng

Darren and Michelle

HI! We're Darren and Michelle. We live in the lovely San Francisco Bay Area.
We are amazed at the selflessness of your choice and are very honored to be considered as parents for your child.&

Kimberly Anne

My name is Kimberly Anne and I thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I truly admire the courage and strength you have in making this very important decision for yourself and your child.

Jen and Mike

Hello!  We are Jen and Mike, and we are very excited about embracing a special little person into our lives to love and nurture, and seeing our family grow!  We want the same things that

Ryan and Marea

We are Ryan and Marea from Truckee, California and we thank you for this opportunity to introduce ourselves! As parents of an adopted child, we applaud your courage to bring your baby into this wor

Mellani and Dave

Hello, Thank you for considering adoption and for taking the time to read our profile. We’re looking forward to welcoming a baby into our lives and becoming parents through open adoption.&nbs

Gina & Michelle

Hi!  We are Gina and Michelle and we live in San Francisco, CA.  We are honored to build our family through open adoption.  We feel fortunate to have close friends and family who hav

Meera and Chai

Welcome! We are Meera and Chai from San Francisco, California…

Thank you for learning more about us as you consider an adoption plan for your child.  We are married and live with ou

Emily and Stewart

Hello!  We are Emily and Stewart from Mountain View, California. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and how excited we are to create a family through open adoption. We’

Jim and Shawna

Hi, we are Jim and Shawna and we want to thank you for reading our story and taking the time to learn more about us. We are grateful for your courage to consider adoption for your baby. After tryin

Ana and Gam

Hola! Hello, we’re Ana and Gam from San Francisco, California.

We feel a deep admiration and respect for you as we realize that you have a big decision to make. We want you to know that w

Benny and Trisha


Hi! We are Benny and Trisha from San Francisco, California.  Our dream is to have a family and share our love with a child.  Trisha can’t wait to be a work-at-home mother,


Bonjour (hello), I’m Nathalie from San Mateo, California.

Thank you for visiting my page and looking to learn more about me. You are going to take a very courageous and difficult decision

Chris and Rich

Hello and thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us. We are Chris and Richard from Albany, California, and we are beyond excited to start our family and to welcome you into our lives

Jeff and Jeanne

Hello! We are Jeff and Jeanne.

Thank You for reading our letter and considering us as adoptive parents for your baby. We hope our profile offers you a glimpse into our lives and our passion for

Lauren and Joe

We are Lauren and Joe, from San Jose California. Thank you for your interest in getting to know us. We look forward to getting to know you too. We are so thankful that you are considering this proc

Andrew and Katy

We simply want to be a family.  We want to see how our child grows, develops, and becomes their own person.  We can’t wait to take our child on walks with us through the woods or bu

Takashi and Kyoko


We are Takashi and Kyoko, a happily married couple living in San Jose, California. We dream of creating a family to share our lives and love with a child. Kyoko is looking forward to bei

David and Yooki

Hi/Konichiwa!  We are David and Yooki from El Cerrito, California.  We have been married for almost (!) ten years, and we are ready and excited to become first-time parents through open a

Claudia and Phil

We are Phil and Claudia and we admire your courage and know you have some big and important decisions to make; we very much appreciate your consideration. We’ve been a couple since 2006 and m

Terrence and Michelle

Hi, we're Terrence and Michelle. We live in Richmond, California, 20 miles north of San Francisco. We first met as college students, and married in 2002 and have a child that was born to u

Geof and Peter

Hello!  We are Geof and Peter from the San Francisco Bay area.  We can’t possibly put into words a description of our feelings and our sincere respect and utmost admiration for the

Matt and Michelle

Hello, our names are Matt and Michelle from San Francisco, California. We are extremely hopeful and excited to adopt a child and expand our family. We met in college and are grateful that we c


Greetings! I’m Anita, and I hope this finds you well. I think it’s incredibly brave what you are considering – I am in awe of your strength and love. Thank you for taking time to

Tim and Marie

Hello, We’re Tim and Marie from San Mateo. We want to thank you for reading about who we are and look forward to having the chance to learn about you. We are grateful for the opportunity to g

Barry and Heather

Hi – our names are Barry and Heather. We live right next to the San Francisco Bay in Richmond, CA. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and give us the opportunity to share a litt

Daniella and Sam

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and consider us to be potential adoptive parents for your baby.

We are committed to open adoption. Daniella has a niece who was adopted as an i

Alan and Jennifer

Hello! We are Jennifer and Alan and we are so grateful to be on this journey of open adoption. We thank you for taking a look at our profile and really honor your courage in the search for a family

Marc and Lisa

Hello!  We are Marc and Lisa from the San Francisco Bay Area and we are so excited that you are looking at our letter and photos! We are thankful that you may give us the opportunity to become

Madhuri and Ram

Hello! We are Madhuri and Ramchand from Santa Clara, California. Thanks for taking time to know more about us. We understand that it is your love, care and responsibility for your child that is mot

Charlie and Tina

Hello, we are Charlie and Tina - and we are honored you are taking the time to get to know us. We live in sunny San Mateo, CA. We're a loving and active couple, surrounded by amazing friends an

Matt and Terri


Thank you for reading our letter! We are Matt and Terri of Mountain View, California. We’ve been married for 8 years and are excited to start a family through open adoption. We fee

Dassance and Reed

This is a hard letter to write. How do we sum up who we are in a short letter, addressed to someone we haven’t met but will be such a huge part of our lives? How do we tell you how u